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Blogging & Design in Israel - Rooms & Words.com

A Week With Design Bloggers in Israel!

When my friend told me about accidentally meeting Adi, a project manager in an organization bringing online taste-makers to Israel, I was curious but had very low expectations. When Adi contacted me and told me this time they’re arranging for a group of design bloggers to visit Israel as part as Kinetis’ Vibe Israel program, I thought it’s a great idea and promised to help. But only when I saw the list of bloggers I got really excited. They were Andrea Chin of Designboom, Amy Frearson from Dezeen, James Davidson of WeHeart, Jeff Hamada of Booooooom and Ben Faga, EIC of DeTnk. Yeah, I know. 

By Chedva Kleinhandler of Rooms & Words


Buy Modern Baby.com - Christmas Gift Ideas

Gift Guides Online This Week!

Esther from  buymodernbaby.com,  has a blog in addition to her amazing resource listing  for modern baby furnishings and gear for parents with a contemporary aesthetic.  This week she listed great finds from her favorite sites that you might want to know about for the babies in your life this holiday season!


Todays Nest Christmas Treat Video!

Chocolate Dipped Candied Citrus Peel

We are taking a little break this week to celebrate the holiday with our family.  We hope you are enjoying yours, as well.  We didn’t want to leave you with no treat to get you through, so we are offering up this holiday special… the chocolate dipped citrus peel. 


(Source: youtube.com)

Beef Stew with Gingerbread from The Dutchess Cooks

The DUTCHess is Hanneke Eerden from the Netherlands.  She bakes, cooks and grills and comes up with a different twist on all kinds of recipes.  Like this, for instance. 

Beef Stew with Gingerbread

How many recipes can one have for stew?? A lot! I’ve already posted about Boeuf Bourguignon and Root Beer Stew and oh don’t forget the Hot Pinto Beans Stew (although that wasn’t really a stew as in “stew” but when you read that post you’ll find out!).  And then there’s this recipe from today: it has something special, an unusual ingredient for some of you maybe: I’ve added gingerbread this time. It gives your stew a warm and new taste, plus it can be used as a thickener for the sauce.


The Case for Canada’s Sustainable Wine Industry - Sandra Oldfield

Meet @SandraOldfield - A classic car, news, art, antique, food, music, history & film junkie. She also happens to be a Canadian Wine Maker @TinhornCreek

For years I have been hearing wine writers and others say that unless Canadian wines are sold in the UK or the US we will never become a well-known industry.  Unless our wines are reviewed by the heavy hitters of the wine world (no need to name them here, just google World Wine Writers) then we will never amount to much of an industry.   I think this is true.  I also find myself saying…does it matter?

(Source: sandraoldfield.com)

Home Made Advent Calendars - The Entertaining House


Homemade Advent Calendars

My kids love and look forward to their advent calendars every year. I want to do something a little different this year and am toying with the idea of making my own. I love the idea of filling little boxes with inexpensive little goodies - chocolate coins, chapstick tubes, silly little nothings really,  but I also like the idea of creating an advent calender with fun Christmas related things to do - go on a Christmas lights drive, put on Christmas carols,  write letters to Santa, bake cookies… things of that nature, or maybe even create a little scavenger hunt. As usual I am looking for ideas that are simple and easy to create.


How to Make Coffee Liqueur For Christmas!- Creative Culinary

Who needs Kahlua when you can make your own coffee liqueur?Barbara from Creative Culinary never ceases to amaze!  Here is a recipe for Coffee Liqueur that you will want to start RIGHT NOW in time for the holidays!’

Better than Kahlua – How to Make Coffee Liqueur

There are a variety of methods I’ve seen for making home brewed Kahlua coffee liqueur. The primary difference in…. more

Countdown to Christmas Contest - Holiday with Matthew Mead!

It’s time to SURPRISE & SPARKLE!

 Get your creative juices flowing…get out the glitter and the glue gun and get to work making some Christmas ornaments! If you’re like me, every year you get MORE and MORE ornaments that are even more fabulous than the year before. I’m always looking for the latest and greatest ornament craze. Big ones to give as gifts (they’re great to have around for drop-in guests during the holidays) and little ones to hang on packages or use as gift tags. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Party Blueprints Holiday Gift Guide!


Need great gift ideas?  Need ways to save so you can buy it all on a tight budget?  Help is here, we spent weeks putting together a gift guide for YOU!   The best ideas of the season, with links to save you money, not make us money.


Jeanne Benedict’s Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcake

Post image for Thanksgiving Turkey CupcakesSweet yes; yet ominous too. Obvious candies give this holiday cupcake his character. What I mean are his eyes made from the tips of candy corns and a dab of frosting. Somehow, when I photographed it, it stared back as if to say, “Don’t even think of eating me as a cupcake or otherwise.” Your kids will love, love, love this turkey cupcake. Basically, …


@jeannebenedict on Twitter

Warren Bobrow - The Five Rums NEVER to Mix with Coke

There is something to be said for the ability to weave cocktail -driven memories through the liberal application of exceptionally flavorful and highly intoxicating liquors.

The rums that I enjoy the most are at the mid to high end of the equation.  These are more akin to fine spirits like Cognac or Scotch Whiskies.  Rums at this part of the scale are serious after dinner drinks, not at all like the industrially -made casual, “get out the soda” type quick “day” drinks.  Unless you want to waste your hard earned money please follow my easy to understand steps to these great rums, one sip at a time.


@warrenbobrow1 on Twitter