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Bourbon Cherries

Bourbon Cherries

Are you sick of cherries, yet? I hope not, there’s at least one or two more recipes in my arsenal at the moment.  I want you to remember this moment, when you’re so done with cherries and have moved on the blueberries and raspberries in the heart of summer. I want you to remember it, so when it’s January, and you’d love to be eating those babies fresh from the trees, you’ll forget about ever being sick of them. Luckily, you can continue to enjoy them through the winter, maybe in a spicy, warming, drink, perhaps? 


Lighter and Local

The Antiques Diva & Company - Amsterdam’s Anouk Beerents

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who’s the fairest of them all?  Anouk Beerents Antiek Spiegels, that’s who!  For 25 years when international circles start discussing the finest antique mirrors, Anouk Beerents Prinsengracht shop inevitably is the first name that comes to mind


The Antiques Diva and Company

From Devourer of Books - The Stuff That Never Happened - Giveaway!

stuffthatneverhappened picture

Broadway Books is very excited about releasing this in trade paperback, and is offering three copies to readers with US mailing addresses. To enter, fill out the Google form below (or click here) by 11:59 pm Central on Thursday, August 18th.


Devourer of Books

Cooks and Books and Recipes.com Review!

I picked up this cookbook and was immediately enthralled by the colorful photographs, which seemed to transport me directly to Greece, a place I would so love to actually visit someday. Then, as I started to flip through the recipes and look for ones to try, I became excited that although they all seemed exotic to me, they all also seemed highly accessible — which for me means that, generally, the ingredients are not hard to find and the cooking processes are not overly elaborate…  MORE



… The Color of Love …


From creating small rooms in red, to adding decorative accessories of red to your beach house decor, to spreading love to a number of people in your life every day. It’s also a time to put yourself first. I love the vibrations of February. I’ve spent the month decorating a small room in red, to riding high in red Gondola’s, mixed with fashions at New York Fashion week.  … MORE


Slow Home Living: a garden design

It started with a tweet.  My Twitter buddy @slowhomeliving aka Gloria asked a question about her pool’s renovation.  I answered.  For the next two months we worked together developing a master plan for her lifestyle/flower/bloggingbusiness to flourish in.  More important than that…it had to work for her family.

Great bones–the centerpiece is the early 19c farmhouse– helped get this project off to a wonderful start.  Like all old houses…nothing was square, things had been added willy-nilly and it had fantastic character.  My job was to unite all of the disparate pieces into a cohesive whole… MORE



Design with what you have…!

A large part of Jace Interiors is focused on “Designing With What You Have”. This can come about in two ways. The first option is to use what the homeowner currently owns to create a new room and the second option is to design a room that they can, overtime move pieces to other rooms in their house. Most often this starts with a color scheme that flows throughout the home. Below is a perfect example of 2 rooms which can share accents and furniture. MORE



The Designers Daily by Ruth W. Staiman

seanjohn.com - Sean John understands the importance of playing the part in today’s fast and furious world.  And as our consumers enter the first stages of their careers, we want to help them look the part as well… MORE



Upscale Outdoor Playhouses …

I was surprised when I read this article from The New York Times by the spread of high-end, custom playhouse makers. I would have never imagined building a playhouse with air conditioning, a kitchen with running water and a 32-inch flat TV on the second floor. The article clearly depicts the world of the rich and super rich niche.

But more than that, the article made me realized that the playhouse market is not only parents but also for grandparents who wish to provide their grandchildren with the best entertainment. For example, it makes perfect sense for a family gathering place on a lake. And the best thing is that the family members can pitch in (money and/or labor) to build a fun play … MORE



A Sneak Peek: NYC Pad

I haven’t had a ton of time since I moved to NYC to take photos of the apartment, but was able to throw together a soiree for 35 people featuring all iconic NYC items. Guests were greeted, by a lovely gentleman dressed in a white jacket and black tie from Gracious Thyme Catering, with a signature cocktail served in the classic greek coffee cup. Of course, I had to have one to kick off the night! … MORE



The French Fry Tray Template for Picnics!

The pages of Summer with Matthew Mead hold many beautiful, fun, and easy projects, recipes and ideas. We have compiled a list of sources (below) and a separate page of links to direct you to the downloads, how-tos, and templates featured in the magazine.  … MORE

You can get lots of cool templates like this “French Fry Tray” at Matthew Mead


Matthew Mead